February 2023 marks a significant five-year milestone for Graham Strength & Conditioning bringing exceptional fitness and nutrition coaching
February 3, 2023
The Grahams

February 2023 marks a significant five-year milestone for Graham Strength & Conditioning bringing exceptional fitness and nutrition coaching to the Jacksonville, Fl area.

In a world that polarizes the health and nutrition industry, opening and running a gym today is no easy feat. Countless misconceptions and modern influencers challenge not only the way the public perceives functional fitness training methods and holistic nutrition coaching but also the patience of gym owners as misleading information saturates the media.

With backgrounds in physical therapy and collegiate strength and conditioning coaching, paired with years of fitness experience, Nikki and Tanner Graham were quick to identify areas where current fitness tracks were lacking. They knew they possessed the tools and expertise to build an environment and culture that celebrated positive change and health for individuals looking to better themselves.

“In the fitness industry, there is a noticeable lack of knowledge about keeping people safe and progressing athletes through movements and skills correctly. At GSC, we place an emphasis on moving well before moving weight. In doing so, we keep our members healthy so they can continue progressing toward their goals.”

Nikki Graham, Owner of Graham Strength & Conditioning

In February 2018, Nikki and Tanner had the opportunity to follow their lifelong dream of opening their own gym, and GSC was born in their garage with a handful of members, several of whom remain connected to the gym today. Their foundational approach required them to take the time to teach their members quality functional movement, the importance of mobility, and guided instruction.

“We founded GSC with the goal of helping as many people as possible become better versions of themselves both mentally and physically, and setting them up to live a long and healthy life.”

Tanner Graham, Owner of Graham Strength & Conditioning

GSC’s mission is to empower others - through leadership and example - to take control of their health and well-being by providing a community that is welcoming, fun, and has a genuine concern for others. It is the leadership of Nikki and Tanner that has built such a thriving and inclusive community where encouragement and camaraderie are consistently visible and competition exists to generate self-motivation and growth.

“GSC is an incredibly welcoming and fun community,” says member, Jen Cairo. “Because of GSC I have met and been inspired by so many wonderful people. I have accomplished things I never dreamed I could do and learned how to appreciate everything I am capable of.”

A cornerstone belief of GSC is that nutrition and fitness work hand in hand. Inspired greatly by the passing of her mother at an early age, Nikki has made it her goal to teach and help as many people as possible about quality nutrition and build the habits to prevent chronic disease.

“Through my experience as a physical therapist assistant, I noticed a huge disconnect in the fitness industry: nutrition and lifestyle coaching were not present or being utilized as tools in conjunction with fitness. It was important to me to engage people in the importance of eating well to live a happy life.”

Nikki Graham

Over the past five years, the Grahams have helped improve the lives of hundreds of people in the Jacksonville community. Their clientele includes individuals of all ages, sizes, and capabilities ranging from grandparents to college athletes.

“We structure our fitness program to meet our members where they are with their individual skills and capabilities. Leveled workouts and modifications are tools we use to support and challenge our athletes to become a little bit better each day.”

Tanner Graham

While there are always challenges, Nikki and Tanner have met each with dynamic problem-solving, faith, and determination. Nikki says, “It is every member, every win, every tear, every smile, every event....they all circulate in our minds and our hearts to motivate us to continue our dream that has already affected so many.”

Since 2018, the GSC program has helped and influenced individuals from all walks of life to get in shape, improve their quality of life, and develop healthy habits. Through in-person and remote nutrition coaching, group fitness classes, and personal training sessions, the inclusive culture is welcoming to all levels.

The GSC team is excited to continue the legacy that Nikki and Tanner have built into the future and to continue creating a force of positive change through fitness and nutrition coaching.  

Contact our team today to learn more about how GSC can help create change in your life!

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