In January 2023, Graham Strength & Conditioning launches our first Performance-Based Nutrition Program.
December 22, 2022

In January 2023, Graham Strength & Conditioning launches our first Performance-Based Nutrition Program.
This exciting new program will provide our members with important information about how to fuel for athletic success.

Every single one of our members is an athlete. Regardless of skill level, speed, or competition attendance, we move our bodies as athletes and follow training programs as athletes. If you feel sluggish after Taco Tuesday or wonder why Monday WODs hurt so bad after a weekend of drinking and eating out, the missing puzzle piece is often balanced nutrition. Whether you are overindulging or simply not eating enough quality proteins and carbohydrates, we can help you find a balance between life and success in the gym.

What are the benefits of a performance-based nutrition program?

Nutrition affects nearly all body functions. From the quantity and quality of your sleep to the functioning of your central nervous system: quality nutrition means quality performance. The truth is, a post-workout protein shake and an O2 can't undo what you eat and drink the other 23 hours of the day. Graham Strength & Conditioning's new, exclusive program will introduce a habits-based approach for success as an athlete to help you:

Why start now?

The CrossFit Open has become the measure of skill and fitness for functional fitness athletes worldwide. With the CrossFit Open less than two months away, it is time to dial in your approach to your fitness and pinpoint simple changes to your nutrition that can propel you to success this year. By working with a GSC nutrition coach, you can develop an individualized approach to this program and reach specific goals whether that is to snatch 100#, get your unassisted first pull-up, or run a sub-7-minute mile.

While not a CrossFit affiliate, GSC participates independently in the CrossFit Open. The GSC Fittest is our in-house competition that creates an opportunity for our athletes to test their progress from the prior year through developed and measurable workouts that highlight common functional movements and skills while building community and camaraderie. Each Friday from February 17 - March 3, CrossFit will announce a workout that GSC will also participate in. Members will be divided into teams based on a draft and compete for the title of champion. Our members have the option of completing the workout during a normal class time or during "Friday Night Lights" which will host fun outfits, MCs, foodtrucks, and more fun.  All members and their families are encouraged to attend "Friday Night Lights."

Set yourself up for success in The Open by focusing on your performance starting now!

Program details:

Why wait?

If you are looking for ways to improve your performance in the gym this program can help you jumpstart your goals by enhancing the quality of your nutrition.

Registration is open through December 30th! Payments can be broken up as needed. Reach out to Nikki or Mariel if you have questions!

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