Success in life will look different for everyone, and no two people will have the same personal, fitness, or health goals.
Jessica Chalmers
March 2, 2023

Life! It happens. There are so many events and things that we need to navigate when it comes to organizing and achieving the things that we want most in our lives. For many of us, we just want to be healthy, happy, and help the people we love to find the same. But in order to do that we need to set ourselves up for success.

Success in life will look different for everyone, and no two people will have the same personal, fitness, or health goals. Whatever your goals, it is best to map out a plan that is going to help you focus and succeed. Many times when we develop a goal we think about the end result and don't account for life getting in the way, becoming demotivated, leading to giving up.

At Graham Strength & Conditioning we set our members up for success in goal-setting using a variety of techniques but always keeping in mind that no two individuals are the same. Here are some tips you can apply to help you set your own goals and find success:

Write your goals down

smart goals

Writing your goals down and posting them where you can see them will keep them in the forefront of your mind, boosting the likelihood of a positive outcome. Be specific with your goals. Instead of a simple goal like I want to gain more muscle, Use the SMART goal acronym. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive. That might look like this: By August 1, 2023, I want to increase my muscle mass by 4 pounds by using the Mayhem strength program at least 2 times per week in addition to my normal workout routine and consume whey protein after each strength session. Possible places to post your goals: fridge, bathroom mirror, or phone screen.

Prioritize your goals
When you have multiple goals, determine which one needs to be done first to make the next one easier or more achievable. For example, Lose excess body weight first then build muscle.

Set and celebrate small milestones within your larger goal
Motivation lags after a while, especially if the goal is long-term. Celebrating milestones and achievements can help keep motivation high. Rewarding yourself for being consistent with your efforts will help keep you focused. Set these up monthly or whenever you feel that will help keep you focused. An example might be getting a massage or other treat when you have seen improvement or positive progress.  

Arrange progress deadlines
Choose a time (monthly, weekly, etc.) when you will have a small part of your goal achieved. Setting smaller goals is a form of progress deadlines. Remember to make them SMART. For example, In one month, I will have gained ½ pound of muscle. This could tie into celebrating milestones.

Tell others about your goal
Telling others helps hold you accountable! Choose someone to be your accountability partner who supports your goals. This could be your spouse, workmate, parent, or friend.

Surround yourself with people who motivate you
You are who you surround yourself with. Choose your tribe wisely. This may be having to transition to a new group of like-minded friends.

Track progress
Checking in with your goal on those milestone times or progress deadlines will help keep you motivated and help you to make decisions about the next steps in achieving your goals.

Determine what resources you need
Think about if the goal that has been set requires particular technologies, resources, or money. This determination of resources is what differentiates your action plan from a wishlist. Identifying the necessary resources to achieve your goal will enable you to make informed decisions about implementing each step required to realize your goals.

Refine your goal
It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll need to refine and redefine your goal as you move forward. No effective plan is static, and it’s important to think about any challenges or obstacles you may face along the way so you can put together backup plans. Regularly review your plan to make the necessary changes as you go along.

Set realistic expectations
Setting goals that are too out of reach will crush your motivation. If you are finding that progress is not happening or maybe expectations were set too high, reevaluate and adjust so that it is more attainable. Life happens, right? Adjust and try again!  

Personal growth is just that - personal. However, if you need help identifying your goals or making sure that your goals are achieved, the coaches at Graham Strength and Conditioning can help and have helped many clients achieve their goals. Talk to one of them today!

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