Dara Sweatt

Dara Sweatt



CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

Dara joined GSC as a member in 2019. Dedicated to bettering her personal health and fitness, she understands the importance of consistency and hard work. She has learned so much as a GSC athlete that has translated into her coaching. Dara is a resilient person who has demonstrated through perseverance that it is possible to overcome obstacles and succeed, exemplifying dedication. ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ Energetic and bubbly, Dara is a cheerleader for all members of the gym community and brings her “biggest fan” energy to the coaching team. She loves being able to connect with members on a personal level, understanding their individual needs, modifications, and preferred coaching style. Dara finds that she is able to relate to many members as someone who has invested time, money, and energy into her own health while balancing work, family, and her social life outside of the gym. ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ Whether pushing you through a workout or helping you overcome a bad day, Dara is passionate about helping members make their hour at GSC the best hour of their day. She enjoys motivating others to find confidence in the gym, something she knows has the capability to affect all other aspects of their lives. Dara continues to learn all she can from Nikki, Tanner, and other coaches and enjoys being able to motivate as many members as possible.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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