Rachel Pinter

Rachel Pinter

Nutrition Coach


Healthy Steps Nutrition Certification


A long-time member of GSC, Rachel first began working with Nikki as a teen. Her experiences with the gym and nutrition coaching led to an appreciation for all things health and wellness-related. The results she achieved personally through the tools GSC and HSN have provided inspired her to help others. She wants others to see the benefits of nutrition coaching, feel the same, and know it’s a doable, sustainable life change that will impact the rest of your life for the better! Rachel brings to the table an understanding that life is hard, and is eager to help others optimize their nutrition. She finds purpose in building others up and helping them realize their potential. As a pediatric nurse, Rachel has a deep understanding of health and medical-related needs and can apply her medical knowledge to help clients creatively solve problems and develop new habits.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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