We are back to business! Thank heavens we can now leave the house and get back to our gym.
Nikki Graham
May 18, 2020

GSC Family,

We are back to business! Thank heavens we can now leave the house and get back to our gym. Time to get back to our regular routine, and further build our buffer between sickness and wellness. Everyone has done great with training from home, Nikki and I have been so impressed by everyone's efforts, but now we are back to a training environment we are all used to and a type of training we are used to. With that comes expectations and excitement picking back up where you left off...especially if you haven’t been training at home consistently. That is completely understandable, but it is not realistic. The reality is that we have all been taken out of our normal routine during this pandemic. For two months now we have had our training altered significantly. We are not as fit as we were prior to the pandemic. That is just the reality of it, but it’s ok. We went into this situation together and now we have come out of it together. So, what do we do now? Simple. We get back to basics and rebuild our bodies.

Here is what to expect from the program in the coming weeks….

Strength - nothing fancy here to start. Meaning, no cycles or secret squirrel stuff. Expect to see the power lifts (Deadlift, Back Squat, Press, and Bench Press) in the form of single modality days performing 5, 3, or 1 rep maxes. The Olympic lifts will also be present in our strength work. The Snatch and Clean & Jerk days will be focused days where we rebuild and refine our technique.

Conditioning - This is where we rebuild the engine. Getting “in shape” or “getting your lungs back” is not as bad as you might think. Here is what we are going to do to get it back right.

Couplets, Triplets, Chippers, Intervals, Aerobic work, and Skill Days or an even better way to put it “Constantly Varied Functional Movement Performed at High Intensity”! Intensity is the key to results. Just remember that intensity is relative to the individual. Your intensity that you had prior to this pandemic is not the intensity you have now. That’s ok. It will come back!

Nutrition - This is the Master Key! Your nutrition will dictate how quickly you gain your fitness back and keep continuing to gain. Nutrition is the Foundation. It starts with Food, Hydration, and Sleep. Want to get stronger and leaner? Healthy and Fit? Look like a bodybuilder and perform like an athlete?! The answer is Nutrition. If you need help with this area of your game, then sit down with us and let us help you so you can achieve your goals.

Training Schedule - We know you're excited to get back in the gym and hit hard with everyone else, but as I have stated, that is not the best thing for you. For the next couple weeks plan to get in 4 workouts throughout the week with 2 rest days and 1 day of what we call “active recovery”. That could look like swimming, riding bikes, or taking a long walk. Be smart and choose easy to do activities that rejuvenate your body and mind.

We are so excited to see your faces back in the gym everyday and we can’t wait to rebuild with you!

-Tanner Graham

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