The "comfort zone" at its core is a mental state that hinders personal growth. Learn why you should challenge yourself and how GSC can help.
March 18, 2023

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone," -Neale Donald Walsch

The "comfort zone." It's that comfortable, safe place where everything is easy and you don't have to put in a whole lot of effort. It is at its core a mental state that hinders personal growth. While it seems nice to coast, hanging out for too long in a comfort zone can leave us feeling unfulfilled and unaccomplished. What keeps us anchored in the comfort zone varies by individual but anxiety, stress, and fear of failure are common deterrents to trying something new.

Every day we are given opportunities to step outside of our comfort zones, and usually, it's just a matter of convincing ourselves to try. Here are three key reasons to challenge yourself to try something new:

  1. Failing Up
    Every time we try something new, whether we fail or succeed, we learn. You leave a new experience with more information about your capabilities and interests. Even if you try again, and fail again, you will continue to learn and acquire more practice that can compound into success. The trick is to continue to try despite failures.

  2. Gain Self-Confidence
    Leaving your comfort zone and taking steps to achieve your goals will have positive effects on your self-efficacy or your belief in your own abilities. A positive sense of self-efficacy is associated with positive thoughts and aspirations, less stress, and less anxiety.

  3. Meet New People
    Leaving your comfort zone allows you to have new experiences and to engage in activities that you haven’t before, opening you up to meet new people. If you can try this, you are open to all sorts of possibilities you may not have thought possible.

  4. Inspire Others
    Courage is contagious. When people see and experience others attempting new feats, they are more likely to try something new themselves. GSC provides a community that can inspire and cultivate confidence through positivity, encouragement, and teamwork and we love seeing our members bring out the best in each other.

"Do one thing every day that scares you." -Eleanor Roosevelt

It can be a scary thing to challenge yourself to try something new. Whether you are trying a new nutrition habit, finally pushing yourself to hit a higher weight in a workout, or signing up to participate in a competition, Graham Strength & Conditioning provides its members with ample opportunities to challenge themselves and overcome fears that hold you back. We understand how difficult it can be to feel vulnerable or exposed and our coaches offer encouragement and support with a gentle push.

What are you doing today to step outside of your comfort zone? Imagine what exciting things could happen if you faced your fears!

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